Whether we’re talking cars, software or tablets and mobile PCs, when it comes to investing in the future of your business, a small price tag doesn’t always equal a better return on investment.

Especially if the cheaper option is SEVEN TIMES MORE LIKELY TO FAIL.

Although it may initially appear cheaper, consumer technology isn’t built with business in mind. These devices are easily damaged and struggle to handle the constant demands of professional mobile workers.
Don’t overlook all those hidden costs…

Choosing non-specialist devices for your business carries the risk of 
many hidden costs – that you might not have considered…
All of which mean a major hit to your bottom line.
Product failures
Efficiency issues
Support requirements
  • Comprehensive cover for hardware failures
  • 96-hour repair turnaround commitment**
  • Multilingual helpdesk support
  • Maximised device lifecycles
  • Minimised potential repair and recovery costs
  • Reduced workforce downtime and device outages
  • Investment protection and peace of mind

  • **Best effort endeavour with 90% success. Please note shipments outside the EU are chargeable
    Additional protection to minimise your TCO

    Panasonic Toughbook already achieves incredibly low failure rates, minimising your total cost of ownership (TCO). But with our extended ProTect warranty offers, including accidental damage options, that cost can reduce even further.
    The value of rugged devices

    With a specialist, fully rugged device, like a Panasonic Toughbook, the initial outlay will be higher than you’d find with a non-specialist, consumer machine. But the world-renowned reliability and durability of Toughbook mean much longer lifecycles. So you’ll soon be seeing a far lower TCO.

    And you get the job done.

    Toughbook computers are an incredible 7 times more reliable than industrial average notebooks without rugged features
    Consumer vs Rugged - Which would you choose?
    Invest in a specialist

    For a detailed TCO calculation, and to learn more about Panasonic’s
    purpose-built Toughbook rugged devices, please complete the short form below and a Panasonic representative will be in touch:
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