The heavy hitter in a lightweight body
Perfected mobility

At least 14% thinner and 19% lighter than traditional fully rugged handhelds. Meaning they’re easy to operate with just one hand, and easily fit into pockets. And with cutting-edge features like ‘see what you scan’ on screen, the number of errors goes down, and scanning speed goes up. As does productivity. By 12% in fact.
Get up close and personal with the FZ-F1 and FZ-N1 in our introductory video.
Better handling
User friendly design

With barcode trigger buttons on both sides of each model, the FZ-F1 and FZ-N1 are perfectly comfortable for left- and right-handers alike.

For the full story on the health issues relating to barcode scanning,

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Easy IT integration
Choice of two operating systems

Whether you use Windows or Android, our devices cater for both, for the perfect fit.
Better connected
Efficiency, uninterrupted

4G LTE/3G data, Wi-Fi, dual SIM cards and voice capability allow instant access to real-time information whenever it’s needed.
The job gets done. Uninterrupted. And fast.
A new angle on productivity
Less pain, more gain

Over half of scanner users today are suffering from repetitive strain injury. Engineered to eliminate the need for tilting, our unique angled rear barcode reader allows the hand to remain in a natural position while scanning. No more bending of elbows and wrists, and no more muscle strain and fatigue.
Rugged on a whole new level
Reliable in the toughest conditions

Drop-tested at 1.8m, and IP67 water and dust resistant, our devices are exceptionally durable with extremely low failure rates. Helping you get on with the job at hand, whatever the environment throws at you.
Performance that lasts
Always delivering

Extended battery* capacity, on-the-go charging, and an operational
warm-swap function mean batteries can be changed and charged quickly and seamlessly for 24/7 operation. So shifts are always covered. Even the extra-long ones.
Work without limits
Efficiency on the move

Toughened, anti-reflective and thick glove and rain-enabled touchscreens deliver undisturbed operation. Indoors or out. Whatever the weather and whatever the hour.
Customised features
Enhanced capabilities

With multiple accessories available, including vehicle docks, chargers and mounts, carrying cases and hand straps, our devices can be perfectly tailored to the situation, for scanning, your way.
Hitting the mark
Supports active pen* signature

Capture biometric signatures with up to 1024 pressure levels
for legally-binding and more accurate proof of delivery.

Transforming the future of scanning
Next-generation angled handheld scanners

From warehousing, manufacturing and retail, to logistics, delivery and field services, when it comes to easy, efficient and comfortable scanning, Panasonic's groundbreaking FZ-N1 and 
FZ-F1 are changing the game.
Ready to join the
scanning revolution?

Explore the FZ-N1 here
Explore the FZ-F1 here
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Watch the FZ-F1 and FZ-N1 in action here.
How do you decide which handheld is right for you?
Our handy guide has the answers.
How did the Toughpad FZ-N1 measure up against other handheld barcode scanners? Watch this user test to find out.
Discover how these rugged handhelds can drastically reduce muscle fatigue. And explore how they can significantly increase productivity by up to 12% too.
When it comes to rugged handhelds,
Panasonic has it covered. All angles in fact.

With a unique angled barcode reader, and cutting-edge features to boot, Panasonic’s FZ-F1 and FZ-N1 are making scanning speedier, easier, more accurate and more comfortable.

Want to make customers more satisfied, workers healthier and happier, and business better than ever?

Welcome to the scanning productivity revolution
Panasonic Toughpad
FZ-F1 and FZ-N1

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