Ok, I’m sold on the benefits of IT. But why Panasonic?

Well, not all forklift devices are created equal.

Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad rugged devices are specifically engineered with the unique and challenging warehouse environment – and your bottom line – in mind.

Our incredibly low failure rates mean a significantly minimised total cost of ownership (TCO).

And our productivity-enhancing features and software mean improved workforce efficiency for a better return on investment (ROI)
The next level for forklifts

From transport and logistics to manufacturing and retail. Choose the right IT for your forklift truck drivers and warehouse workforce, and you could change the game for your entire operations.
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Forklift success
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How rugged devices are changing the game for operations just like yours
Optimised workflows • Faster picking and packing • Seamless materials processing • Real-time stocktaking • Minimised errors • Maximised productivity • Reduced costly downtime • Faster delivery times • Increased customer satisfaction • Boosted safety
But where do I even start?

We hear you ask.

You can start by reading our free eBook – Five Killer Questions to Ask When Choosing IT For Your Forklifts. In it you’ll find all the information you need to make the most of your IT investment and take your warehouse operations to the next level.
  • Extended battery life to cover multiple shifts

  • Screen visibility in all lighting conditions

  • Easy installation

  • First-rate customer support
  • Superior connectivity

  • Better security

  • Seamless scanning

  • Lightweight and ergonomic designs
Our docking solutions are fully customisable too.

Oh, and our screen blanking software reduces the risk of driver distraction to drastically improve forklift safety.
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Prove it

No problem.

Our Toughpad devices and forklift docking solutions have been helping global logistics giant Katoen Natie (boasting over 400 units, 150 terminals and 10,000 staff members) to achieve so much more from its warehouse management and forklift operations.
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